Muk Junkie Citrus Degreaser 5 Litre


Muk Junkie Citrus Degreaser 5 Litre is powerful, but component safe, heavy duty degreaser for safe use on gearboxes, chains, engines, floor spills etc.

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Muk Junkie Citrus Degreaser 5 Litre is powerful, but component safe, heavy duty degreaser.  It can be used on all clean up tasks such as engines, gear boxes, chains, floor spills, engine bay cleaning and workshop cleaning.

The formulation we have created uses a concentrated, gentle blend of detergents, sequestrants, surface acting surfactants and natural orange derived solvents. It will act quickly to remove the heaviest oil, grime, grease, silicon, fuel and dirt deposits. When it is applied and left to soak with gentle agitation you will rapidly clean any oily or greasy areas without damaging the area to be cleaned.

Features and Benefits of Muk Junkie Citrus Degreaser:

  • Safe degreaser for use on many surfaces including:
      • un-lacquered and polished aluminium
      • stainless steel
      • most plastics
      • carbon fibre
      • Kevlar
      • anodising
      • titanium
      • silicon hoses
      • painted surfaces
      • fibreglass
      • alloy wheels.
  • Designed for use on engines, gearboxes, chassis, engine bays, door shuts, parts wash tanks and other workshop applications.
  • Quickly and without aggressive agitation will remove the heaviest oil, grease dirt and general day to day grime preventing damage to painted or polished surfaces. Use a hot wash for even faster results.
  • Muk Junkie Citrus Degreaser will reduce time spent cleaning up all oils spills.
  • Advanced formulation offers rapid and very safe results without using any harsh, petrochemical derived solvents, acids or caustic solutions.

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