DT1 Airfilters




DT-1 has been manufacturing air-filters for over 30 years and is the choice of todays top professionals. DT-1 is sold worldwide. DT-1’s world class foam technology delivers maximum airflow while maintaining critical engine protection. Their super-seal base creates the cleanest and best seal on the market. All DT-1 Air Filters are handmade manufactured in Belgium and USA with the highest quality bonded dual and triple foam available. DT-1 Air Filters come standard or pre-oiled.

As Used by Top AMA & FIM World Championship Teams.

Two Two Motorsports Discount Tyre – Chad Reed
Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing – Aleksandr Tonkov (MX2) & Romain Febvre (MX2)
Red Bull Factory KTM – Antonio Cairoli (MX1) (Worldchampion MX1) & Ken De Dycker (MX1)
Wilvo Fork Rent KTM – Jake Nicholls (MX1) & Matiss Karro (MX1)
Rockstar KTM (USA) – Davi milsaps, Jason Anderson & Joey Savagty
BTO Sports KTM (USA) – Matt Goerke & Andrew Short

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